Getting started with JINITM 2.x


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JINI 2.x Overview

Note: The information presented in the Bob Scheifler interviews is likely to be inaccurate in places as the result of changes between the JINI 2.x pre-releases and FCS. However, much of it is still useful background material.

Getting Started

Download JINI

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Startup Scripts

Tutorials, Guides and Documentation

Writing Services

Jini Documentation

Trouble Shooting


JERI / Transport

John McClain's Implementation/Porting Notes

A series of articles covering various of the boilerplate implementation tasks and issues one faces implementing a JINI 2.x service. Useful for those new to JINI or those porting version 1.x services to 2.x

  1. Introductory Posting
  2. Stop Relying on Automatic Stub Replacement
  3. Use net.jini.config
  4. Use net.jini.export
  5. Implement Remote Method Control
  6. Perform a JAAS login

Tools and Frameworks

Code Examples

JINI 2.x Security Resources

Security by it's very nature, touches many aspects of JINI usage. This section attempts to provide centalized coverage of this important topic (some of this information is repeated elsewhere). Unlike some other systems, a large proportion of JINI 2.0 security is handled via configuration leaving only a small amount of boilerplate code to write.

Advanced Issues

Networking Issues

JavaOne 2003 presentations

Can all be found here....

JavaOne 2002 presentations

Can all be found here....

Note: To access any of the JavaOne presentations you'll need a Java Developer Connection account - don't worry, registration is free!

Mailing Lists and Projects

These are the main JINI community lists where the SUN development team and other independent experts can be found: A lot of Jini development projects including transaction/database bridges, grid offerings and storage services are located on    

Bits and Pieces

Various bits and pieces of code (including Blitz JavaSpace) can be found here

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