Say no to EPatents


The purpose of the Blitz project is to further the use of JavaSpaces and JINITM through the provision of essential resources such as:
  1. Pattern library - these patterns should be available in both code and document forms and will provide users with solutions to common (and hopefully more advanced) issues.
  2. Openly available implementations of various services, tools and frameworks - developed and refined over time, based on the experience of people using them in anger.
  3. Deployment examples - reference information concerning the ways in which JavaSpaces and JINI technologies have been applied in the real world. These will be useful to both architects and administrators.

We believe that the best way to achieve the above is in an open, co-operative manner thus Blitz is an OpenSource project. Until recently, SUN's approach to JINI licensing made things difficult, but JINI is now licensed under ALv2.

Many thanks to all those people who have contributed to the project in various ways so far.